Recent Tributes to Very Special People

Friends of Sailing Heals have donated the gift of healing sails in honor of the following Very Special People:

In Memory of...

  • Rosemary Oullette
  • Gordon L. Mathers
  • Minot Frye
  • Robert O. Murphy
  • Jim Zieff

In Honor of...

  • Terry and Gail Morris
  • Donn Ruddy
  • David Riggs and Lynn Cibuzar
  • Kevin Althoff
  • Geraldine Keegan
  • Chris Martin
  • Mary Mallchok
  • Mike McDonald
  • Andrew Reiley
  • Betsy and John Meador
  • Andrew Meinert
  • Sally Meeuwsen
  • Linda Caballero
  • Peter Chrimes
  • Peter Drain