While our "healing sails" come through the generosity of our Host Captains and other volunteers, it takes effort, time and money to make these special events a day to remember. Sailing Heals is committed to offering a quality experience to our VIP Guests, Medical Affiliates and Host Captains. We supply—free of charge—lunches, beverages, snacks and small gift bags to our VIP Guests and occasional Sailing Heals promotional "gear" to our Host Captains.

All of this takes administration, coordination, communication, community relations, logistics, transportation, insurance and many other aspects that, unfortunately, come at a price. In order to ensure that meet and exceed the expectations of our guests and volunteers, the Sailing Heals Board has hired an experienced Executive Director and a part-time Administrator. Other expenses include marketing, software and other technology-related expenses, tax filing fees, accounting and legal advice as needed and insurance. More on our expenses and revenues can be found by downloading the Annual Report on our website.