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Whether they've had a personal experience with a life-altering medical condition... honoring a loved one who has... or simply want to help provide meaningful experiences to those in need, our individual donors are a vital part of our mission.

You can choose to make a one-time donation in any amount to honor or remember a loved one through Sailing Hearts, or you can set up a recurring donation through our Kate's Club program.

You can also join our exclusive Fleet 5000 Club by donating $5,000 or more over the course of a year.

Tacking Towards Year 10 Ideas

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    New England Patriot Legend Troy Brown and family enjoy a healing sail with Executive Director Trisha Gallagher Boisvert  


    New England Patriot Legend Troy Brown and family enjoy a healing sail with Executive Director, Trisha Gallagher Boisvert

    Boat Owners and Members of the Sailing Community

    Our work is made possible because of the gracious hospitality of our host captains in nine states and dozens of ports, as well as the way the sailing community has embraced our mission and our VIP Guests. The following clubs are just a handful of the many supporters of Sailing Heals, and "day-of" headquarters for many of our healing sails:

    • Boston Yacht Club, Marblehead, MA
    • The Corinthian Yacht Club, Marblehead, MA
    • Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead, MA
    • Manchester Yacht Club, Manchester, MA
    • Edgartown Yacht Club, Edgartown, MA
    • Nantucket Community Sailing
    • San Diego Yacht Club, San Diego, CA
    • Naples Sailing & Yacht Club, Naples, FL
    • Eastport Yacht Club, Annapolis, MD
    • St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, California
    • Camden Yacht Club, Camden, Maine

    If you are a member of the sailing community who would like to learn more about our programs, please contact or 978.914.6609.

    Event/Lunch Sponsor Levels

    *Wicked Strong Sail and Cocktail Party does not allow press. Other press is variable but efforts will be made in the form of a press release, distribution to local media and follow up calls.

    Corporate Sponsors

    Sailing Heals is grateful for the generous support of our corporate sponsor, Eisai, Inc. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact or 978.914.6609.

    Pete Townshend
    Pete Townshend holding up a Sailing Heals wristband to show his support of the healing power of the sea.  


    Photo credit: ©Getty/Jeff Kravitz

    Mario Lopez  


    Extra! Host and TV actor Mario Lopez, shows his support for Sailing Heals.  


    Photo credit: Michele Gallagher



    The following organizations have also provided abundant support: