Our Annual Year End Letter

Dear Friends,
Dec. 4, 2015

As the holidays are upon us, we’d like to take a moment to wish you the best of the season and thank you for your dedication to our mission.
Because of supporters like you, we’ve been able to host 1,890 VIPs (patients, caregivers, Boston Marathon survivors) since 2011. We are proud to serve our VIP guests in 22 ports, with 155 enrolled host captains across 9 states!

Here are just a few of the grateful comments we have received from our VIP guests:

“Sailing Heals was the MOST amazing experience I have had on the water!!! It made my whole body relax, like a wonderful massage but on the water!!!!”
– Vicki, Sag Harbor, NY

“Much gratitude to Sailing Heals. There is something about being on the water that is so very special… I came off the boat feeling like a new person –full of hope and joy.” – Laura, Long Island, NY

“You certainly fulfilled your mission of providing a wonderful day on the water. Everything about the experience was perfect!” – Susan, LICSW, Fall River, MA

Many more testimonials, photos and videos of VIPs enjoying their day away from serious health concerns can be found on our website, including our first Pirates and Princesses Treasure Adventure for families from Boston Children’s Hosp.

Just this past year, 575 people were hosted over 36 days of sailing. Eighty percent of our income this year came from private donations and fundraisers! And we’re just getting started. 2016 marks our 5th year! In order to help us serve others escape for a spirit-lifting day at sea, please consider making an annual year-end donation or a smaller monthly donation to our Kate’s Club Sustaining Donor Program. If you are able to make a substantial gift, we’d welcome your participation in our Fleet 5,000 Club, or perhaps you’d like to sponsor a lunch for VIPs for $450. More information can be found at our website (www.sailingheals.org) or by calling 978-914-6609.

We may be small but we’re making a big impact on the lives of our VIP guests, family and friends. The memories and joy Sailing Heals brings to our VIP guests will last forever! We can do this only thanks to our Host Captains, volunteers and donors like you and appreciate your generous support. May you enjoy a wonderful holiday season and meet with fair winds in 2016!

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