Sailing Heals Martha’s Vineyard

At 53 feet, 44 tons, and at 7.8 knots, the polished wooden sailing yacht cut through gentle waves and a steady wind before tacking. “Ready about!” The distant words from a crew member could be heard followed by “Lee to helm!” The bow of the boat passed through the wind, sails flapping until they filled with air, heeling the boat over on its new course.

“Are you comfortable?” Captain Bob Snyder asked Ted Morgan, a VIP guest aboard the Resolute. “I’m sailing,” he responded — enough said.

There’s something about the elements, and the 25 guests cruising down-Island waters last Wednesday know that. Trisha Boisvert and her team of volunteers at Sailing Heals especially know that. Sailing Heals is a Boston-based nonprofit organization that partners with boat owners to get the people on the water who most need its natural remedies.