Sailing Program Gives Cancer Patients 'Beautiful' Experiences

Sailing Program Gives Cancer Patients ‘Beautiful’ Experiences

Puffs of white clouds dot an otherwise clear blue sky as we glide along Nantucket Sound aided by 15-knot winds on The Blue Peter, a 1930 classic yacht.

“It couldn’t be any better,” said Aline Wommack. A native of Nantucket Island, Wommack is a veteran registered nurse who with her husband spent most of her years on the West Coast where she worked at San Francisco General Hospital. She and her husband are also lifelong sailors who sailed along the West Coast from Mexico to San Francisco and the entire East Coast.

Her plan after retirement was to raise Quarter Horses on a farm in Southern Ohio but her husband became ill and they returned to Nantucket where she could take better care of him. He’s been in Hospice care for the past year. She also works at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, specializing in a program using Suboxone, a prescription medication, along with therapy to help treat Nantucket residents with opioid addiction problems, which is a problem on the island among its year-round residents.

Photos by Cory Silken/Panerai