The Healing Power of the Sea

Something magical happens as soon as the boats head out to the open water. “About five minutes after being on the boat, you can see smiles appearing and they can leave their cares behind and just enjoy the day with their loved ones. They relax and get to know their captains and the other guests,” says Boisvert. “It gives people a great experience that will last long after the day is over. I spoke with a mother of small children in New York who has Stage 4 breast cancer. She’s looking forward to going out on the water with them so they can have another great memory as a family.”

Panerai’s Alvarez joins the Sailing Heals excursions whenever he’s free. “When our VIP guests are comfortable on the boat and helping out the skipper with the lines and helming the wheel, they seem to relax and breathe in the fresh air,” he says, “All of their health worries seem to fall away. That is the best part of the experience.”






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