Sailing Heals Relation-Ship Model

We want to help you customize an easy strategy for your port community’s Relation-Ship commitment to Sailing Heals.

Pick one or two of these options and you’ll achieve your port community’s goal at a fast clip, or feel free to come up with your own idea!

Good News! Every donation from your Club counts!

General donations from members of your club to Sailing Heals through-out the year will be marked as soft credits and will be attributed toward your port Relation-Ship goal! With a couple of generous donors, you could hit the goal for your port community in no-time!

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Sailing Heals Pick 1 or 2!

Ways to Participate...

  • Recruit at least 5 people to sign on to our new “round-up change” program
  • Organize table sponsors from club members, host captains
  • Obtain sponsorship from local businesses
  • Host “friend-raisers” that evolve into fundraisers
  • Have your club participate in Giving Tuesday or start another social media campaign
  • Hold a raffle at the end of a meeting to benefit Sailing Heals
  • Host a regatta, 5K or mini-golf tournie to benefit Sailing Heals
  • Recruit a sailing club to get people to sponsor their respective boat in a race, with pledges going to Sailing Heals
  • If you are 70.5 years or older, gain tax benefits by making a Qualified Charitable Distribution to Sailing Heals. Read more on the new rules here.
  • Other ideas?
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Keeping in touch

Once a quarter, we’ll send a key contact from your port community a graphic on where you are with your goal achievement and who from your port community has participated in the fundraising.

This is a non-binding relationship; more of a handshake that you are committed to helping us continue our spirit-lifting sails in your local area. There is no penalty for not achieving your goal, however, due to our growth and modest budget, we are unfortunately not able to continue to visit ports without some level of funding beyond the lunch coverage.

Sailing Heals Unanchored Program

Unanchored Program

The alternative for ports who have hosted two sails or more with us and do not participate in funding is the Unanchored program, where we will work with a lead captain to coordinate a date and reach out to hospital groups to recruit patient guests. However, we are not financially able to be on site unless some collaborative funding can be arranged.

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Let’s schedule a Sailing Heals date!

Please contact to discuss how best we can customize this program to your yacht club or port community so that we may book a date for a healing sail and create a meaningful experience for VIPs at your yacht club this year!

Thank you for building Relation-Ships with Sailing Heals and with our VIPs!

Please check out this brief video for a glimpse of how meaningful it is to many of our VIPs and supporters!

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