I heard about this program last Fall as the 2017 sailing season ended. I'm in my sixties, but remembered how much I loved sailing in my childhood off the coast of Maine. It's been many years since I've recaptured that pleasure. When I was contacted about taking this sail from Marblehead, I was so excited. After a couple of years beating back Singular Plasmacytoma in my Manubrium and a cascade of other health and family challenges, I needed a big lift. I generally have a smile on my face and speak freely of my health experience. But I knew I was mentally exhausted. This lovely luncheon and marvelous sail were just what I needed. The folks of Sailing Heals bring such a warm positive attitude to the event. Occasionally in life we think about the "best days of our lives." I am not overstating when I say that this was truly one of mine. Not because I've been dealing with some sometimes daunting challenges, but because this experience is so thoroughly different and exciting compared to the rigors of my current life. I truly felt lifted for days. My sincere thanks to the capable Organizers, and to my steady Skipper Mory and First Mate/Volunteer/Sponsor Andrew