It was an extraordinary experience to meet cancer survivors and see how they live positively fighting their disease. Also, how the community an society, like sailing Heals, is helping cancer survivors.

Ghassan M - volunteer for corporate sponsor Eisai

What a wonderful experience!

Dale N., VIP Eastport Yacht Club

Thanks for the opportunity to sail with Sailing Heals. Such a wonderful mission. I enjoyed myself tremendously as did the rest of the crew on Windjammer. I wish you continued great success with your program and look forward to seeing it continue to grow.

Rob B.,
Charleston sail

The captain asked me to steer the boat once we were under sail, and I loved it!

Scot C - San Diego Healing Sail

Taking the wheel of this incredible 40 foot long sailboat and navigating with and against the wind helped me feel in control of my life again. Thank you, Captain Jim and crew, for a truly phenomenal experience!

San Diego VIP

What a day! I felt so special...the weather, the sailboat, the company, the box lunch, and the sailing....It truly was healing... Thank you Mike and Lindsay for your willingness to let me drive....and trust me...I learned so much.... My journey this past year has made me more aware of the beauty in life and the kindness of people... Thank you for an unforgettable day....and for your support in helping me to heal from the inside out..

Harriet L.,
Bristol, RI

What a delightful, spirit-lifting afternoon sailing Charleston Harbor! A grand time was had by all. Arranging for three dolphins to appear by our boat was an extra special experience. Thank you for the wonderful organization you and your sister and others have created! Looking forward to working with you on future (outings).

Pat A.,
Charleston sail

Thank you again so very much! We will always remember this day as one filled with fun and laughter. Just seeing my kids filled with excitement of this experience was such a gift, after all they have been through and witnessed this year with my husband's illness. Thank you so much!

Laura C.,
Marblehead sail

Wonderful, relaxing day! Trisha was fabulous and our captain and his wife were out of this world. For a few hours, you left your worries at the shore and just let the water and waves soothe the soul. There is something so calming about the ocean that you leave relaxed and rejuvenated.

VIP Jubilee YC Sail, Beverly, MA

Thank you so much for your support in helping to make Boston an amazing experience for our family!! Thank you for the beautiful day of sailing! We had a wonderful time!

McKenna and Kristy R.
from Idaho, Marion Sail

I had an absolutely fabulous time at the Eastern Yacht Cub and aboard the Bandwagon. Everyone was especially welcoming, helpful and FUN!  The food was the best I’d had in a long time anywhere. Sailing was my favorite part of the day. I wish I could remember everyone’s name to compliment them specifically, but I’m so very bad at remembering names. I will remember their faces for a long time...The cocktail party was a blast!  I would like to thank everyone who was a part of pulling the whole day together. I truly appreciate all you wonderful people.

Jo M - VIP Wicked Strong Sail

Your program was the push I needed to get out of my house and mingle with new friends. Thank you for creating this wonderful opportunity!

Jodie P - Annapolis Healing Sail

It was great to be with others that share my experience with cancer. It was a great message that I am not alone.

Russell B. - St. Francis Yacht Club Sail

I want to express my gratitude to your organization for providing an amazing support experience. My husband Brian lost his battle with lung cancer in June and the last year and a half was a most difficult year for us. The Sailing Heals experience was the highlight of our struggle. Thank you so much!

Weezie W.,
Martha’s Vineyard sail

I can't thank you enough for yesterday ”what an incredible experience and spirit-lifter! Being on the ocean in that glorious boat was wonderful but what the crew, the owner and (the staff) adds is pure magic! It was a divine experience that will be with me forever! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

Caroline, F.

Very relaxing, enjoyed the company. Trisha and son Sebastian are very social, warm people.

Deborah B., Newport on Madeline

It was a pleasure meeting you today. Thank you for organizing a wonderful sail for us yesterday afternoon! It was really enjoyable to meet the participants and go sailing in the harbor. I had a great time. Thank you for bringing Sailing Heals to Charleston!

Bridgitte M.,
Charleston sail

My experience was wonderful.  It was so relaxing to be out on the sea where I could escape from all my daily stresses and truly relax and heal!  I also enjoyed the company of my sail mates and getting to know them.  We shared stories of courage, hope and healing.  Thank you to Sailing Heals for this day of serenity on the sea and thank you to all the captains and volunteers, a true gift of love!

Lisa C. - Sag Harbor Healing Sail

Steve and I loved our day with Eileen and Fred on the Northern Star. They were wonderful hosts and made the day perfect. Fred was a great captain and Eileen ran an interesting narrative the entire trip. They were so much fun to be with. We were even able to get great pictures from underneath the Bay Bridge and viewed lighthouses. What a treat!!! This was the perfect day for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Sailing Heals for the peaceful and fun event. AND the food was yummy!!!! Steve grew up in Florida so this trip brought back many memories of his youth. Just what he needed!!!

Steve and Janelle D - Annapolis VIPs

This was an amazing experience!! Would love the chance to do it again!!

Heather S. - Pirates and Princesses Treasure Hunt Adventure

This was a totally positive experience after several yeas of treatment for NHL The entire staff was very professional and provided me and my caregivers the support I needed to enjoy a worry free afternoon sailing on the Bay. I loved the experience and it took my mind off many of the distractions from the pain I am suffering. We were treated with care and respect. I felt safe and comfortable. The Captains and crew were professional and provided everything to make this a comfortable experience. It was a wonderful day (San Francisco Fog) was added feature while crossing under the Golden Gate Bridge. Thank you for the experience of my life. Wish you and the program much success, Warm regards, Marjorie Grubka

Marjorie Grubka - St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco

It was truly a nice day, everything from the food to being out on the water, meeting new people. A good way to sit back and take it all in

Rob L., VIP Eastport Yacht Club


Geanina VIP, Larchmont

One of those charity events where you get more than you give. Absolutely splendid.

Capt Curt Wells

My thanks to ALL for making this possible. It’s always a joy to take people out and share our beautiful club, boats and the Bay! Wouldn't miss it for anything!

Capt Chris Munson

Geralynn and I had the best day forgetting our medical situation with the Sailing Heals event. We arrived at Manchester by the Sea Yacht Club with warm welcomes and directives to sit, relax and allow the volunteers to take care of us! After a really nice lunch, provided by the Yacht Club we went on boats owned by members of the club, we were with Capt. Peter with his wife Gail. Extremely nice people who told us about the area, the boat, sailing and also let Geralynn helm the boat! Sailed for about 3 hours, very relaxing and allowed us to decompress from some bad news the previous day. As Geralynn said, Cancer took the wind our of our sails and Healing Sails helped put it back in. Cannot thank Trisha, her husband, the Healing Sails organization and the MBSYC for this fantastic day! May you all be blessed as we were blessed by being part of this day.

Rocky L - Manchester Sail

Unbelievably generous of all the sponsors to invite us patients to such a phenomenal experience. A true respite from our troubles. That perfect day on the Chesapeake Bay with such wonderful people - new friends - has buoyed my spirit tremendously! THANK YOU!

Susan C., VIP Eastport Yacht Club

Being out on the ocean was just what we needed. It was such a relaxing day. My son especially enjoyed the chance to steer the boat. Thanks for the wonderful day!

Kimberly - Manchester Sail

Dealing with cancer, pain and anxiety tends to take over one's daily focus. Spending the day on the water transports one to a place far from health issues. It's an experience I will look back on when I need to quiet the internal noise of living with cancer.

VIP John LaPlante

"I cannot begin to tell you how much our afternoon sail on VALIANT meant to us...As a nurse, there haven't been a whole lot of "thank yous" over the past 40 years of service. So a day devoted to the celebration of what is definitely a fabulous profession is so deeply appreciated! Additionally, Sailing Heals has been so impactful to my brother Stephen who is being transplanted with stem cells at this very moment. Yesterday was a celebration of life and all its glory. It was a spectacularly beautiful and you are an amazing ambassador for so many (3,000!!) Keep sailing!"

Donna and Bob

I had a wonderful day on the Bay. The captain and the crew were so generous and friendly. The sail was both relaxing and energizing. I will remember the sounds and feelings of the wind and water during my treatments over the coming months. Thank you for the great gift!

Mary A., VIP St. Francis Yacht Club

This was a great, relaxing, and peaceful afternoon to spend with family and friends. Everyone was welcoming and our captain, Leon, made it a memorable day. Thank you for giving survivors a way to reconnect in a positive manner.

Scott W. - Wicked Strong Healing Sail

The most hands on and genuine organization I have ever seen. The joy of what you do radiates when you speak of it. Truly a wonderful thing you are doing. Very much appreciated.

Nancy D. ~ VIP Guest

I had an amazing time and it was a wonderful experience. I was able to relax, meditate and take in the scenery. I also learned a thing or two about sailing. I am thankful for this experience and for the fond memories I will surely never forget.

Reggie C., VIP VIP San Diego Sail

I heard about this program last Fall as the 2017 sailing season ended. I'm in my sixties, but remembered how much I loved sailing in my childhood off the coast of Maine. It's been many years since I've recaptured that pleasure. When I was contacted about taking this sail from Marblehead, I was so excited. After a couple of years beating back Singular Plasmacytoma in my Manubrium and a cascade of other health and family challenges, I needed a big lift. I generally have a smile on my face and speak freely of my health experience. But I knew I was mentally exhausted. This lovely luncheon and marvelous sail were just what I needed. The folks of Sailing Heals bring such a warm positive attitude to the event. Occasionally in life we think about the "best days of our lives." I am not overstating when I say that this was truly one of mine. Not because I've been dealing with some sometimes daunting challenges, but because this experience is so thoroughly different and exciting compared to the rigors of my current life. I truly felt lifted for days. My sincere thanks to the capable Organizers, and to my steady Skipper Mory and First Mate/Volunteer/Sponsor Andrew

Judy - Manchester

Thank you so much for the chance to enjoy a relaxing day on the Severn surrounded by people who care and understand. I really enjoyed my trip on the "Huck Fin" with "Captain Curt" and "First Mate Jeff" along with two other Wellness House members and Sailing Heal's very own Michelle! It was such a beautiful day to take a leisurely ride and leave our stress behind on the shore. Thank you Sailing Heals and Eastport Yacht Club for making this day possible!

Cheryl B., VIP Eastport Yacht Club

...a day doesn't go by when I don't think about that beautiful day at sea. The boat was such a treat, as was the crew and guests (VIPs) and the lovely lunch at the Corinthian Yacht Club. It was one of the nicest days I enjoyed this summer. Thanks to you and Sailing Heals!

Wendy H.,
Marblehead sail

Just wanted to thank you for a great day on the water..everything was was perfect-from the delicious luncheon to the time on Captain Ed's magnificent sailboat. The kindness of the staff and the mates made for a day not soon forgotten! Making memories and meeting new friends with hope for many more beautiful sunny days is what we all hope for.                   Thank you Again,  

I thoroughly enjoyed my sailing debut aboard the Erin Brie with my captain, his lovely wife and my new friends. Lunch at the Eastport Yacht Club was delicious. The weather was perfect and it was delightful to see the Osprey birds nesting. As a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, I really appreciate when I can enjoy a relaxing day with no worries. Since I love the water, the Sailing Heals outreach is perfect for me. Thank you for all you do.

Charlene H - Annapolis VIP Guest

What a wonderful organization, it shows the world is a good place.

Susan D., VIP Charleston Sail

We had a lovely time! Everything was well put together and the after party was a great time as well. Thanks for having us!

Kim R., VIP Manchester MA

Wonderful day from start to finish! The buffet was delicious, great to get a group photo, captain Josh and first mate Tony were a blast!! Took top notch care of us and so comfortable being around them. I felt very safe on the boat and really relaxed, laughed, and enjoyed the gentle sail and sun! 10+++ day. Thanks so much!

Patricia V., East Port Yacht Club

I can't tell you how great it was to meet you and participate in the outing from the Melville Marina last Friday. It was wonderful!...

Pat Chase.,
Portsmouth sail

Thank you so much to you, Kelly Diamond and to everyone who makes Sailing Heals possible. My friend and Caretaker, Jen M., and I had a spectacular day w/ Host Captain Ken Adam in Marblehead yesterday. The company, the weather and the setting were so uplifiting and truly unforgettable. You can imagine that during a year of treatment for breast cancer, I have met many inspiring and amazing individuals who devote their professional lives, or their personal time and energy to improving the lives of people in my situation. I certainly include the Sailing Heals Family among them and I couldn't be more touched or more grateful.

Carrie O,
Marblehead sail

It was such a wonderful day meeting other people and enjoying a wonderful day. The water brings such a peace and I feel that. Thank you so much for this gift to us.

Mary Ann S. - Annapolis VIP Guest

Fabulous day thanks to generosity of SH and EYC. The Sailing Heals staff, esp Trisha, is very accommodating and ensures all have a great experience. The lunch was delicious and the captains and boats were beyond expectations. Our crew was Josh and Tony who were great hosts and gave us a beautiful day to remember. The sailboat was beautiful and they were very entertaining hosts! Can't thank everyone enough!

Sandy S., East Port Yacht Club

I know I thanked you yesterday but I cannot adequately express my thanks to you for having started this miraculous endeavor. You guys are beyond amazing! A project of this magnitude requires a tremendous amount of time and dedication.

Anna H. - Sag Harbor Healing Sail

Once again, a miraculous shift moves inside me. Is it the water, the ships, the people, the wind? I don't know, but it is real! And it touches such a worn and struggling soul. I can't thank you all enough for sharing you ideas, blessings, and time. You got me out of irons, again.

Cathleen - Newport Sail

Thank you so much for a wonderful day! We are still talking about how nice it was! ...It was beyond enjoyable to be able to see Jess for the first time in such a nice environment. Thank you for offering us this opportunity!

Patricia M.,
Marblehead nurses sail

Thank you for the gift of Sailing Heals! We had a wonderful day on the water sailing from the Boston Yacht Club. Keep up the great work!

Ed & Carla M.,
from Maine, Marblehead sail

Great day of letting the wind and company wash away the stress of health issues.

SC VIP San Diego Sail

Beautiful, talented, and generous Trisha and her team of magical helpers are wonderful

Janet T ~ VIP guest

I didn't realize there were events like this that offers a different type of comfort to those who really need it. That day out in the water really impacted me in a very positive way. It was great to share a beautiful day with a lot of other patients who are "in the same boat as me". Notice the pun!

Bob G., VIP Manchester MA

I had a wonderful experience with folks from Sailing Heals, local captains and Charleston residents. A very well-planned event and relaxing - thank you Trisha, for making it possible for me to attend - what a great organization! Kathleen Cartland

Kathleen C., VIP Charleston Sail

I was a little concerned before attending the event that there would be a lot of talk about cancer. (I usually find the motivational speeches people make about fighting  Â cancer to be depressing.)  Fortunately, there was very little of that.   It was like a mini vacation from all the stuff going on in our lives.   I greatly appreciate the experience and want to pass on my thanks to everyone who organized this event.   Thank you.

Naples VIP

I painted this as a symbol of the path cancer patients take “ we cannot see the end but there is beauty along the way, despite it all. Thank you for bringing the beauty into lives of those who need it most!

Sharon B.,
New York City, NY

What an amazing organization! As we were waiting for our daughter’s 8th heart surgery these wonderful individuals offered their time, boats, resources, to our family. This was a wonderful moment in time to be stress free and just enjoy the beauty and have a great time with our daughter! Thank you all so much!!

Amber T - VIP Pirates and Princesses

Wonderful and uplifting. Truly appreciated. I'm glad I got to share it with my son as well.

Heidi VIP Newport Sail

...the day was amazing!! We all had such a great time and you and your group do a fantastic job of organizing and making patients feel so welcome and appreciated. The boat ride was spectacular.

Christina R. - volunteer from corporate sponsor Lilly.

What a wonderful experience! Getting out on the water was such a welcome change of scenery. I started my radiation treatments the next day. I was able to close my eyes during the treatments and imagine the sun, the wind, the water, and the gentle movement of the boat. Many thanks to all who made the day possible. Special thanks to the East Port Yacht Club for a delicious lunch and to all the captains who so generously donated their time and the use of their lovely boats. (especially John - our captain).

Dale N., VIP Eastport Yacht Club

EVERYONE had a terrific time and the conversation kept going back to how nice it was that total strangers would entertain us sick peoples, on their own dime and time !!! Totally an experience of a lifetime for some as they have never sailed before. Truly a day of smiles for all those involved.

Teddy and Don - Camden, ME Sail

I had a great time. Captain Dick was the best. Everyone was Sooo nice and supportive. It was encouraging to meet survivors while I am just beginning. Thank you so much! ?

Ms. Cobbs - Larchmont, NY

I traveled a lot and have some memories but this Sailing is now on the top of my memories list. It was also the first time on a sailboat ... John the Captain is a people person, enjoyed his expertise and the deck hands. This Sailing was the first time in over 8 years that I got to get away and enjoy myself. Dealing with Cancer and my ill Wife it was not possible to go anywhere. She passed away 1 1/2 years ago .

Gerv - VIP Naples

...I don't feel that words can express how fabulous this is. I continue to battle numerous health issues and the sail gave me a chance to forget about it. I am so grateful to all who allow us to have this experience.

John R and Debika P.,
Manchester, MA Sail

Dear Captain Rick and Irina,   I can't thank you enough for the fantastic day Christine and I had aboard your beautiful boat, Blown Away. We were "blown away" by the delicious lunch and wonderful company! Our sail in the Gulf of Mexico was the highlight! What a glorious few hours we had. Your generosity and kindness is so appreciated and I will not forget the exhilaration of going 7.2 knots!   I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 3 years ago which had spread to my liver. I did 9 months of heavy duty chemo which shrunk the tumor and cleared my liver (and lost my hair). I switched to an easier drug in Dec 2016 which I am still on (get an infusion every 3 weeks). I had a mastectomy last January and am happy to say am cancer free now but will be on "maintenance" for the rest of my life.   It is a very special treat for us to spend such a relaxing (and exciting!) day on the water.  Thank you again!      

Tami B - Naples VIP

I was at the halfway point in my chemotherapy and this was a great way to "celebrate"! I thought the lunch was great and the weather was excellent! Our Captain and crew were amazing! I had a great day during a tough time in my life! Thank you!

Stacey W., VIP Eastport Yacht Club

"I had a wonderful day on the Bay.  The captain and the crew were so generous and friendly.  The sail was both relaxing and energizing.  I will remember the sounds and feelings of the wind and water during my treatments over the coming months.  Thank you for the great gift!"  VIP St. Francis Yacht Club Sail

Mary Allen

I and my caretaker wife Liz thoroughly enjoyed a day to get away for the day. Lunch was terrific. Eastport Yacht Club (our hosts) provided an excellent venue to welcome and serve all who attended. To the volunteers who provided their boats, time and entertainment while aboard we thank you as well. With respect to Sailing Heals our supporters and providers for all of the above, we congratulate you on a job well done... The peaceful moments while sailing can't be deprecated any other way. Thank you.

Howard S - Annapolis Healing Sail

This organization you have founded is so...well...healing!!!...You have created such a wonderful,healthy, and exciting venue for people who do need help with healing. It was a huge relief for Annie and me and it meant so much to me to see her on that sailboat with the deep blue sea and wind in her hair."

Pat. B - Jubilee Yacht Club Healing Sail

It was a beautiful day on the MADELEINE, Crew was outgoing and we enjoyed the company of others and laughed the entire sail and was then treated to delicious afternoon lunch at Land's End all put together by Trisha Gallagher Boisvert and her assistant Sebaston and other volunteers. Thank You Sailing Heals 🙂

Lisa N., VIP Newport on Madeline

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful day we had last year and what it truly meant to each of us. You so right when you say sailing heals. To have a day on the ocean with the wind, the sun and the water. What a wonderful carefree day that was more than we could ask for. To be VIP's and treated like royalty was fantastic. Thank you for all that you do and to all the people involved including the captains who donate their time and boats is truly amazing. I applaud all of you.

Beth - VIP Camden Sail

The Sailing Heals afternoon was a wonderful experience around compassionate and kind people. From the beginning, the people involved were friendly, the food was delicious, and the table conversation was jovial. Then the sailing with Captain Beau and his wonderful crew was exciting and cheerful. I really enjoyed getting away from my routine with treatments and hospitals and feel the relaxed freedom surrounded by water, sun and caring friends. I have nothing but gratitude and positive opinions about this organization and the crew that donated their time to alleviate the emotional load to cancer patients like myself.

Ben Chacon - St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco

My friend Kim and I would like to thank you for an awesome sail on the water with Mike. He was such a friendly and gracious host and captain. The weather was perfect - sunny and windy for a fabulous sail. Thanks again for organizing the event.

Ruta S.,
Manchester Sail

I traveled a lot and have some memories but this Sailing is now on the top of my memories list . It was also the First time on a Sail boat. Terri ( your Cousin ) being on the same boat your was an added bonus. John the Captain is a people person, enjoyed his expertise and the deck hands. This Sailing was the first time in over 8 years that I got to get away and enjoy myself. Dealing with Cancer and my ill Wife it was not possible to go anywhere . She passed away 1 1/2 years ago.

Gervais, VIP Naples Sail

I want to thank you and Sailing Heals for the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day on the water. It's been awhile since I have been sailing on the north shore, and it felt like I was back home again. I want to also thank the captains for their generosity in sharing their time and beautiful boats. Please keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.

Steve T.

It was a beautiful day!

Beth M., Newport Sail

If I would be able to do it again I would my girls had a blast my husband and I enjoyed every step of the way. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. We loved it!!

Ana R. - Pirates & Princesses Treasure Hunt Adventure

My wife Lisa and I want to thank you so much for the wonderful day of sailing in Newport yesterday. Lisa has wanted to sail for so long. She especially loved her time steering the ship. The boys and I had a great time too. We are so glad that your organization allowed us a brief break from our normally crazy lives. We could all use more breaks! Thanks again.

Moore M.,
Newport sail

What a great, beautiful afternoon! Sometimes there are just not enough superlatives to express HAPPY!

Andrea G.S.,
Charleston sail

Only a cancer survivor or one who has lost someone from this nasty disease, their family or caretakers can truly understand the heartwarming and appreciative feeling one has by this amazing family of organizers, sailors, crew, yacht club and other who joined in this adventure how wonderfully relaxing Sailing Heals provided to all of us on board those sail boats. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maria D., VIP San Diego Sail

It was a wonderful experience! The weather was just perfect and Mike and Ann were wonderful hosts. My husband learnt the sailing basics and got to steer the wheel and I enjoyed a good chat, breathing the breeze and enjoying the sail. The lunch and activity were perfectly organized and the Healing Sails team was super friendly and welcoming. I totally recommend this to other families!

Romina, VIP Eastport Yacht Club

Friday's sailing was a very pleasant experience for me and I really appreciate being among the few to participate. I'd like to thank everybody who made this possible...

Kay E.,
Charleston sail

I wanted to write and thank you for the beautiful day you provided for myself and my colleagues from Lunder 10 (Bldg.) at Mass General. It was a lovely afternoon! It was also so interesting to hear about your program…I wish you and your program every success. I can't imagine a more therapeutic program for anybody that may need (its) benefits. Thank you again for extending this opportunity to us!

Julie C.
Marblehead nurses sail

The day was a true gift. Thank you so very much to all involved in making it possible! It was my first time being on a sailboat & the kindness, generosity and patience of my captains, Dick & Pam made it very special. I finally understand what Christopher Cross has been singing about after all these years. It truly was a healing experience!

Taryn - Annapolis Healing Sail

I had a wonderful experience with folks from Sailing Heals, local captains and Charleston residents. A very well-planned event and relaxing - thank you Trisha, for making it possible for me to attend - what a great organization!

Kathleen - Charleston VIP

Was a grand day just to get people together to eat and talk relax on the water and we didnt even talk 1x about our cancer ! ..Thank you so much for putting together such a great day and for all who shared in this event ..

Lance H. - Annapolis Healing Sail

Sailing Heals and the Sailing Heals team are some of the brightest points in my life and my joy of sailing!

Capt. John Tagiuri - Galavant

It was such a nice day. I had not been out on the water in a long time. I had forgotten how relaxing it can be. It was just such a nice treat in the midst of challenges. Thank you so much!

Caroline - Annapolis VIP Guest

Hello Michele, I am so glad I was able to make it yesterday. I know I thanked you yesterday but I cannot adequately express my thanks to you and Trisha for having started this miraculous endeavor. You guys are beyond amazing! A project of this magnitude requires a tremendous amount of time and dedication. Michele, I look forward to keeping in touch with you. I also wanted to thank Carrie, from Fighting Chance, who came over to speak with me prior to the sail. With much gratitude, Anna

Ana H., VIP Sag Harbor

Direct orders from on high... "unwind, relax, you're mine."

Manchester, MA Sail

Our hosts were extremely gracious. A once in a life time memory to cherish. Thank you for this gift!

Ed and Lark B - San Diego Healing Sail

How can we thank you enough for the experience of a lifetime?! We had the most wonderful time! Every one we met was amazing! From the families who were incredible to the extraordinary crew. To be able to do this brought us such joy!...Thank you so much again from the deepest part of my soul!

Sharon and Dick,
Marion Sail

Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge has always been on bucket list. I never knew how I was going to accomplish this, but it is something I always wanted to do. Just looking at the ocean and bay relaxes me. My husband and I had an amazing experience with Tony, his daughter and crew. A wonderful way to also thank my husband for taking me to all my appointments, 3 surgeries and endless chemo sessions during my 3 year fight against a rare cancer. I began the week not being able to get out of bed and my goal was to be able to make the sailing trip. It was so much fun to have such an accomplished captain and hear his stories and his daughter's experiences. Ranks on my top 10 list of adventures that I have done. Thank you to Tony and his crew, Trisha and the St. Francis Yacht Club for making this memory.

Kathleen Bain - St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco

What an honor to be included in the Charleston Sailing. I have been glowing in the memories of that amazing afternoon at sea!...I am never at a loss for words, but I am writing this with tears in my eyes to express how much this day meant to me! I want to thank all the giving brothers & sisters who put this all together.

Andrea G - Charleston Healing Sail

Beautiful day, lovely people, generous captains.

Marcie T., VIP East Port Yacht Club

I want to thank you for an AMAZING experience this past Sunday. I absolutely loved, loved, loved it and did my friends…such a great time; it's a wonderful thing that (Sailing Heals) is doing! Thanks so much for an unforgettable day!

Judy K.,
Newport sail

Being out on the ocean was just what we needed. It was such a relaxing day. My son especially enjoyed the chance to steer the boat. Thanks for the wonderful day!

Kimberly J., VIP Manchester, MA

Both my husband & I had a lovely memorable day on Josh Young's Sailboat. Perfect weather day and so relaxing.

Deborah S., VIP Eastport Yacht Club

The day was uplifting and fabulous from beginning to end. The location was perfect, lunch delicious, skippers friendly and generous, and the sailing was relaxing and enjoyable.

Rachel M., VIP Eastport Yacht Club

Everyone made us feel that they enjoyed what they do. From the moment we arrived we felt pampered. It was great day!

Kathleen F,, VIP Newport Sail

Once again, a miraculous shift moves inside me. Is it the water, the ships, the people, the wind? I don't know, but it is real! And it touches such a worn and struggling soul. I can't thank you all enough for sharing you ideas, blessings, and time. You got me out of irons, again.

Cathleen D., VIP ACADIA-Newport

Sue and I just wanted to let you know what a great day we had yesterday. The family on our boat was a true delight. Really a perfect day on the water.

Sue and Sam Philbrick,
Manchester, MA Host Captains

What a wonderful day! So relaxing it really made it possible to forget all your everyday worries! Thanks so much for a great day!

Bernadette A., VIP EastPort Yacht Club

In Feb I had my 10th surgery related to cancer. The process often lasts for years. I am so grateful to Sailing Heals for providing the chance to cruise the Charleston harbor. It was time well spent, leaving worries and treatment behind. Thank you for a glorious afternoon!

Laura F - Charleston Healing Sail

A delightful evening of healing, hope and companionship  on beautiful sailboats.  Doesn't get better than that.   Thank you Sailing Heals for a perfect evening on Peconic Bay. 

Susie R. - Sag Harbor Healing Sail

It was great to be with others that share my experience with cancer. It was a great message that I am not alone.

Russell B., VIP St. Francis Yacht Club

...What an honor to be included in your Charleston Sail last Friday. I have been glowing in the memories of that amazing afternoon at sea!...I am usually not at a loss for words...but I am writing this with tears in my eyes to express how much this day meant to me. I want to thank all the giving brothers and sisters who put this all together...!

Andrea G.S.,
Charleston sail

It was a lovely day on the water. Everyone was very warm and friendly. I felt blessed to have this chance to relax and enjoy lunch with others who understood the challenges our family has experienced. It was so nice to have a special day with my husband. We enjoyed each others company over lunch and a lovely sail. He has been a big support to me through many months of medical treatment and it was fun seeing him smile as the captain gave him a chance to steer the boat through the harbor. Thank you to all of the wonderful men and women who made this day possible.

Sarah L - Charleston Healing Sail

It was a wonderful experience! The luncheon was great, the boat and crew were terrific and even the weather held out until we got back to dock. There aren't many perks to having cancer but this was surely one. Thank you again!

Dawn R - Annapolis VIP Guest

We are so thankful for the sailing heals. we had a blast. it was a real nice change of pace to take a break from all the doctors appointments and what not and go enjoy an afternoon doing something we would never be able set up ourselves. Pretending to be pirates only made it that much better. The people were great, the food was great and we can't wait till the next one.

Matt A. - Pirates & Princesses Treasure Hunt Adventure

...that sail gave her the most beautiful view of Nantucket. You gave her a breath of fresh air...thank you so much for last year. It was absolutely incredible. It is something that few people get to experience even when they live on Nantucket....

Kim T.,
Nantucket, MA Sail

It is always special seeing the smile of our VIPS when they can take the Wheel and be in charge of their day.

Capt Rob Greve