If I would be able to do it again, I would! My girls had a blast. My husband and I enjoyed every step of the way. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. We loved it!!

Ana R.

My experience was wonderful.  It was so relaxing to be out on the sea where I could escape from all my daily stresses and truly relax and heal!  I also enjoyed the company of my sail mates and getting to know them.  We shared stories of courage, hope and healing.  Thank you to Sailing Heals for this day of serenity on the sea and thank you to all the captains and volunteers, a true gift of love!

Lisa C.

The day was a true gift. Thank you so very much to all involved in making it possible! It was my first time being on a sailboat & the kindness, generosity and patience of my captains, Dick & Pam made it very special. I finally understand what Christopher Cross has been singing about after all these years. It truly was a healing experience!

Taryn M.

I want to express my gratitude to your organization for providing an amazing support experience. My husband Brian lost his battle with lung cancer in June and the last year and a half was a most difficult year for us. The Sailing Heals experience was the highlight of our struggle. Thank you so much!

Weezie W.

Steve and I loved our day with Eileen and Fred on the Northern Star. They were wonderful hosts and made the day perfect. Fred was a great captain and Eileen ran an interesting narrative the entire trip. They were so much fun to be with. We were even able to get great pictures from underneath the Bay Bridge and viewed lighthouses. What a treat!!! This was the perfect day for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Sailing Heals for the peaceful and fun event. AND the food was yummy!!!! Steve grew up in Florida so this trip brought back many memories of his youth. Just what he needed!!!

Steve and Janelle D

I had an amazing time and it was a wonderful experience. I was able to relax, meditate and take in the scenery. I also learned a thing or two about sailing. I am thankful for this experience and for the fond memories I will surely never forget.

Reggie C.

Your program was the push I needed to get out of my house and mingle with new friends. Thank you for creating this wonderful opportunity!

Jodie P.

The Sailing Heals afternoon was a wonderful experience around compassionate and kind people. From the beginning, the people involved were friendly, the food was delicious, and the table conversation was jovial. Then the sailing with Captain Beau and his wonderful crew was exciting and cheerful. I really enjoyed getting away from my routine with treatments and hospitals and feel the relaxed freedom surrounded by water, sun and caring friends.

Ben C.

...What an honor to be included in your Charleston Sail last Friday. I have been glowing in the memories of that amazing afternoon at sea!...I am usually not at a loss for words...but I am writing this with tears in my eyes to express how much this day meant to me. I want to thank all the giving brothers and sisters who put this all together...!

Andrea G.

Thank you so much to everyone who makes Sailing Heals possible. My friend and Caretaker, Jen M., and I had a spectacular day with Host Captain Ken Adam in Marblehead yesterday. The company, the weather and the setting were so uplifiting and truly unforgettable. You can imagine that during a year of treatment for breast cancer, I have met many inspiring and amazing individuals who devote their professional lives, or their personal time and energy to improving the lives of people in my situation. I certainly include the Sailing Heals family among them and I couldn't be more touched or more grateful.

Carrie O.

What a day! I felt so special...the weather, the sailboat, the company, the box lunch, and the sailing....It truly was healing... Thank you Mike and Lindsay for your willingness to let me drive....and trust me...I learned so much.... My journey this past year has made me more aware of the beauty in life and the kindness of people... Thank you for an unforgettable day....and for your support in helping me to heal from the inside out..

Harriet L.

This was a totally positive experience after several yeas of treatment for NHL The entire staff was very professional and provided me and my caregivers the support I needed to enjoy a worry free afternoon sailing. I loved the experience and it took my mind off many of the distractions from the pain I am suffering. We were treated with care and respect. I felt safe and comfortable. The Captains and crew were professional and provided everything to make this a comfortable experience. It was a wonderful day.  Thank you for the experience of my life.

Marjorie G.

This was a great, relaxing, and peaceful afternoon to spend with family and friends. Everyone was welcoming and our captain, Leon, made it a memorable day. Thank you for giving survivors a way to reconnect in a positive manner.

Scott W.

Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge has always been on bucket list. I never knew how I was going to accomplish this, but it is something I always wanted to do. Just looking at the ocean and bay relaxes me. My husband and I had an amazing experience with Tony, his daughter and crew. A wonderful way to also thank my husband for taking me to all my appointments, 3 surgeries and endless chemo sessions during my 3 year fight against a rare cancer. I began the week not being able to get out of bed and my goal was to be able to make the sailing trip. It was so much fun to have such an accomplished captain and hear his stories and his daughter's experiences. Ranks on my top 10 list of adventures that I have done.

Kathleen B.

Dealing with cancer, pain and anxiety tends to take over one's daily focus. Spending the day on the water transports one to a place far from health issues. It's an experience I will look back on when I need to quiet the internal noise of living with cancer.

John L.

I want to thank you and Sailing Heals for the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day on the water. It's been awhile since I have been sailing on the north shore, and it felt like I was back home again. I want to also thank the captains for their generosity in sharing their time and beautiful boats. Please keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.

Steve T.

It was such a nice day. I had not been out on the water in a long time. I had forgotten how relaxing it can be. It was just such a nice treat in the midst of challenges. Thank you so much!

Caroline C.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sailing debut aboard the Erin Brie with my captain, his lovely wife and my new friends. The weather was perfect and it was delightful to see the Osprey birds nesting. As a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, I really appreciate when I can enjoy a relaxing day with no worries. Since I love the water, the Sailing Heals outreach is perfect for me. Thank you for all you do.