Rebecca L. Andrews

Becky Andrews fought cancer bravely for almost 3 years.  It got discovered late and her options were limited but she continued on and celebrated many milestones after her diagnosis.

In fact, many milestones in Becky’s life involved the ocean.  She was born on Vashon Island in Puget Sound near Seattle.  She lived for 4 years, a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean in Coral Gables, Florida.  She lived for 5 years a block from Boston Harbor in Squantum, Mass.  She visited the Caribbean several times, vacationed in and around the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.  In fact, she tasted quite a bit of the Pacific when startled by a sea turtle.  Becky even looked across the vast expanse of the Saint Lawrence Seaway from Meat Cove, Nova Scotia north toward Newfoundland.

One of her favorite ocean encounters was with Sailing Heals on a trip from Marblehead Harbor around Beverly, Manchester, and Gloucester harbors on a beautiful day with her son Greg and the wonderful captain, first mate, and ambassador from Sailing heals as another VIP.  It was a wonderful escape from her treatments, and it reconnected her to the ocean.

Becky’s  family picked a verse for her memorial card about a ship on the ocean sailing out of sight from one set of eyes behind her, but into sight of another set of eyes as she approached.  That is how we remember Becky.  Her smile, her friendly demeanor, and her courage in the face of tremendous adversity.  She no longer suffers having sailed away to a better place.