Rocky, Geralyn, Bear and Kona Lagno

Rocky was diagnosed with stage 3 lung and thyroid cancer (never smoked) July 28, 2011, this was just before our second wedding anniversary. Like every cancer patient, our lives changed forever. He was given 13 months to live by chief of staff for thoracic oncology at Dana Farber. After 32 radiation treatments to his chest and countless chemo, all our hopes were crushed when treatments failed, told there was nothing more they could do and we were told to get his affairs in order. I looked into trials available for his specific cancer and blessed with finding our current oncologist at MGH when it metastasized to Rocky’s brain in December of 2012. Rocky has endured several surgeries, complications and cancer has metastasized again recently. With the miracle of research and additional trials available, Rocky has taken a targeted therapy drug that has allowed us to be now 7 years out from his original diagnosis.

I saw a brochure for Sailing Heals posted in the exam room at MGH when we were awaiting an appointment with Dr. Shaw. I contacted the number listed and we quickly received a reply that we could attend an event. Our hearts were filled with appreciation and love at the extreme generosity of everyone we met that day. I cannot express enough the positive effects Sailing Heals has for our emotional strength. Cancer has a way of taking the wind out of sails and Sailing Heals…well, puts it back so we can keep fighting the fight!!

I find it important to let you know during our journey, we lost an amazing part of our family Oct 30, 2017. Our St. Bernard, Bear lost his brief battle with bone cancer at the young age of 7. Cancer invaded our lives again! He was taken from us and wish I could’ve found the targeted therapy to help him that is keeping Rocky alive today.

We know that Rocky will always have stage 4 cancer however, with our friends, family, prayers and people like Dr. Shaw accessing the next targeted therapy to fight the other metastasis we can look forward to more “tomorrows”! The people from Sailing Heals let us forget our troubles out on the water and we have met such incredible people, this helps us keep going forward. #blessed #keepthelaughter #keepcalmandsailon